Once you read the ISA guide, you will immediately find out that just having ISA automatically earns you income. But there is more to just having an ISA because there are things you need to remember in order to maximize profits.


Invest You Money On Cash ISA

One way of maximizing your money to gain more profit is by investing it on cash ISA. There are different types of cash ISA’s and they are the following: instant access, fixed rate and base rate account. These accounts will help one save money without being taxed because cash ISA’s are tax free meaning you get every single bit of your money. The best way to make sure you get the most from your cash ISA is to invest the whole amount of £5, 640. This is the limit for this type of ISA and if you put cash into it, the sooner it earns interest tax free.


The ISA Guide Suggests You Invest All Your Money On Shares

Another way of maximizing profit gain is to invest all your money on pure shares. The limit for this type of ISA is £11, 280 pounds. Again, it is better to fill the whole amount as soon as you can so that it earns interest for the full amount. The advantage of shares ISA is that, there are different types of qualifying investments where you can put your money on. Currently, there are seven different types of qualifying investments you may choose from.


Have Them Both – Cash ISA And Shares ISA

There are some ISA owners who have decided to split the amount of their money in two different ISA’s so that they can earn more. Since it is possible to have two ISA’s at once, you may choose to invest some of your money as cash ISA and some of it to shares ISA. Let’s say you have an amount of £10,000 – you may invest £2,000 on you cash ISA and £8,000 on your shares ISA. Your cash ISA is tax free so you get the whole amount of interest.

This option is great because your money is secured and at the same time is gaining interest and profit for you. Just remember though that since you have two ISA’s you have a total amount of £16,920 for your limit.


The ISA Guide Suggest That You Not Withdraw Money From Your Cash ISA

ISA GuideWithdrawing from your cash ISA may mean losing all tax benefits so if you ever come to a point where you decide to move or migrate to another country, ask for a transfer form. This transfer forms allows you to move your cash ISA or shares ISA to a different bank. This way, your ISA’s are still earning. Also, it would be sad to close your ISA just because you have to be relocated. Just refer to your ISA guide because there are particular steps and procedures to follow depending on the type of ISA you will be transferring.